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About Valley Views

About the Area

Valley views is positioned at the top of the hill with stunning views over the valley, hence the name. Just moments away from beautiful Shrawley woods. The ideal country retreat perhaps?

The surrounding countryside is criss-crossed with public footpaths which together with the nearby 450 acres of Shrawley Wood, which is owned by the Forestry Commission, It’s bluebells are spectacular. Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. the River Severn provide endless opportunities for interesting walking and outdoor pursuits.

About the house

Everything about Valley views has been designed to ensure the highest levels of comfort, wellbeing, health, and air quality.

Drawing from Mark's experience working with one of the county’s top £1 million developers, the house is made with 21st century architectural ideas for best use of space, light and position. A nice easy to maintain garden giving you time to walk in the woods, relax, entertain. Will this home be good for you?

The interior has had no expense spared with beautiful natural oak and limestone floors. There is also a state of the art kitchen, a large spacious sitting room, dining room/bedroom on the ground floor and three further ensuite bedrooms on the second floor.

Developed with pioneering eco-friendly technology the house is built to save you money today whilst leading the way for others on how to save carbon for our children’s benefit/future.

Inspiration behind the building of Valley Views

“It was perfect: tall windows, surrounded by green fields,” says Mark, a promotions consultant. “There was only one problem, we later discovered: it was cold. In the winter, even with extra jumpers it was almost unbearable”. As fuel bills began to rise, the couple saw their costs for the LPG gas they used to heat their home go from £500 a year to £3,200 – on top of the £600 they were spending on a constant supply of logs for the wood-burning stove.

By 2007, Lucy and Mark started to feel fuel poor: their beautiful Georgian home, where they now had two boys, would not see them into old age. Its heating requirements were too costly while they were earning; how would they afford to keep themselves warm when they became pensioners?

“But we didn’t want to leave the area, and we eventually decided to build a new efficient house with genuine natural materials, in the large area of land we owned to the side of our existing home” Mark says.

At the same time, Jacob, the Edwards’ eldest son, had joined his school’s Eco-Action Committee, and came home full of talk of climate change, so we decided to upgrade the plans for the new home and set about researching every heating option that would save fuel.

The new house, called Valley Views, is a four bedroom, three bathroom family home with simply huge areas of glass for lots of natural light, proven to increase optimism. Interesting architectural features including a double height master bedroom and stylish curved wall (inspired by London’s Gherkin building) feature in both the Italian-designed kitchen and the garden, adding to its joy.

But what makes Valley Views so interesting isn’t just the idyllic location and stylish design features, it’s the eco technology that’s been used to make it a highly efficient, low running-cost, family home.

From visiting an internationally-recognised consultant in Germany, followed by extensive research and visits to building & plumbing trade shows and then 927 supplier selection conversations (as the Architect said “too much was at risk not to get the details right”), a combination of technologies was selected, representing the latest and very best in their field, technologies including under-floor heating systems (installed by the same company chosen by Wembley Stadium), skirting board radiators, heat extraction and cool filtered air system (installed by the same company that worked on Passive House), even the paintwork utilises the very latest and efficient technology! .. and all guaranteed and serviceable here in the UK.

These, and more are shown in detail on the videos, found on the eco page. I recommend you take time to have a look.



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Exterior of Valley Views, Award wining eco home
Curved Wall inspired by Lord Foster's Gherkin.jpg
Exterior of Valley Views, Curved wall
Curved Wall inspired by Lord Foster's Gherkin.jpg
State of the art kitchen
The upstairs Landing
View from the balcony over the valley

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